Happy holidays, one and all!

I couldn't let the occasion pass by without wishing you all seasons greetings.

I have moved house and it is verrrry slowly starting to feel a little more comfortable. We have built walls, inserted new doorways and repaired the heating system, to name just a few of the essential jobs so far undertaken

I am expecting to feel more settled once I get my things out of the storage container. I suppose it shouldn't even cross my mind that this place could possibly feel like home without all my beloved personal possessions around me. I haven't seen my books, furniture, pictures etc for over 18 months now and I miss them terribly. Fingers crossed I can afford to get them transported here from Cornwall early in January

Whose bloomin' idea was this, to set off on a grand adventure at my age? Yep, I must be completely bonkers!

Anyway I have a present for you which I hope is as new to you as it is to me:

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Nice present, or what?

Have a great time. Eat, drink and be merry... or simply do whatever makes you happy.
sizzling holsters

a bit of a manipulation

I do like to see the lads standing nice and close together so, in this picture, I've drawn Ray a little nearer to his Bodie. Not by much because they were almost there anyway but every inch counts, don't you think?

sizzling holsters

a little gift for my flist

Oops, it's been yonks since I lasted posted anything on my lj.

My life has taken a very unexpected and drastic turn recently but, hey ho, you sometimes just have to accept what's thrown at you and move on. One of the repercussions of my new perspective is that I'm on a bit of a health-improvement thing-y and feel loads better for it. I'm certainly more relaxed and have more enthusiasm to try different things.

Because it's raining heavily, today's new pastime really had to be an indoor one so I decided to attempt a spot of drawing and what greater subjects could I have than our gorgeous lads? This is what I came up with...

b&d edited resized

Hope I haven't done them too much of an injustice. I can see it's a bit harsh and heavy-handed but you have to start somewhere and you really can't expect to produce a masterpiece at your first attempt with a 6B pencil and a sheet of A4 photocopy paper!

(Bodie's left eye did my 'ead in and I ended up nearly rubbing a hole in the paper trying to get it to look reasonable. Even contemplated giving him an eye-patch, yo, ho, ho and hoist the jolly Roger, me mateys!)

Oh well, might try a bit of writing next! *g*

20 minute (holiday) drabble

“Ah, go on!”
“Bodie -no!”
“Why not?”
“Because I’m not bloody showing myself up!”
“It’ll be fun.”
“I said ‘no’. Look, just do it if you must, you don’t need me holding your hand!”

Doyle eventually found Bodie in the first-aid tent… sling concealing one arm, face grazed and bloodied, both knees heavily bandaged.
“You know, Cowley’s going to murder you. What possessed you to challenge that kid?”
“But you wouldn’t race me.”
“I can’t balance a penny-farthing, you moron… and clearly you can’t either! If you’d wanted a ride, why didn’t you wait till we got home?”

Bodie grinned.